Quick Answers

You make the decisions in an adoption plan.

We provide you with profiles of adoptive families from which you can choose the parents of your baby. You then have the option of meeting the adoptive parents, spending time with them, and having them at the hospital with you during delivery. The amount of contact is up to you.

You can receive pictures and letters of your baby.

In a semi-open adoption the adoptive parents will send pictures and letters on an agreed upon schedule for up to eighteen years. The adoptive family will respect your need to know that your child is loved and happy and will present you as a loving birth mother who made an unselfish and difficult decision for the future of your baby.

You can write a letter to your baby.

You have the option to write a letter to your baby sharing information about yourself, your adoption plan, and how much you love him or her. You can also send photos and updates to the adoptive family through the agency.

You can receive support before, during, and after placement.

If you would like to talk with another birth mother one-on-one, Adoption Associates will be happy to put you in touch with someone who has already made an adoption plan.

You will receive financial assistance during your unplanned pregnancy.

We understand that pregnancy is expensive, so we may be able to provide living expenses during your pregnancy. There’s no cost to you.

You don’t necessarily need the birth father’s consent in order to make an adoption plan.

The birth father’s rights are different than your rights as the custodial parent at the time of birth. We try to enlist the cooperation of the birth father, but when he is not cooperative, we will proceed with having the court terminate his rights.

You can make a plan for the hospital.

Before the birth, you and your caseworker will sit down and make a plan of exactly how you would like your hospital stay to go. You can specify who will be with you during labor, whether or not you would like to see your baby while you’re there, how much contact you would like with your baby, and how involved you’d like the adoptive parents to be at the hospital and during delivery.

Your adoption becomes permanent two to four weeks after your child is born.

Two to four weeks after the baby is born you’ll attend a hearing in which you’ll release your parental rights so that the baby will be permanently adopted by the family you have chosen.

Your child can contact you when he or she turns eighteen.

If you want your child to have the opportunity to contact you after age eighteen, you can keep your address current with Adoption Associates.

Do you have more information?

Below is a guide to making an adoption plan and answers to other frequently asked questions. If you still have questions or just want to explore your options, please call us at 615-754-6540.