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Waiting Children Program

Welcome to Small World’s waiting children program. At Small World, we are committed to making these children orphans no more by partnering with Christian Prospective Adoptive Parents and giving them a forever family. Our waiting children program provides an opportunity for a special group of children that would otherwise not be considered for adoption. We are grateful to families who are willing to open their hearts and lives to adopting one of these wonderful children! Please contact us if you have any questions.

Waiting Children in China:

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Waiting Children Process in China

When you find the child that touches your heart and fits your family, please complete the following steps. If you are interested, but do not see the child that is to be “yours” at this time, please contact us to be added to our list of families to receive information about the next list of children.

1. CONTACT US We will e-mail you any additional information that we have regarding the child’s medical and growth. You are welcome to take this information to physicians and others for advice. If you would like, we can provide you with the name of an International Adoption Clinic in your area. Please do not post this information to any third party group or online chat groups.

2. APPLICATION If you have not already done so, you will need to submit an application and the application fee to Small World (Get Started). Upon approval, you will then be able to place a child on “Hold”.

3. PLACING A CHILD ON “HOLD” If you would like more time to obtain information from doctors and others regarding this child, you can place the child on “Hold” for two weeks. Please make sure that you are serious about this child before asking this. If you decide that you do not feel you should pursue this child, please let us know. We can then allow other families the opportunity to consider this child. We have these children for a very short time and want to find a family for them as soon as possible!

4. SAYING YES! When your family has decided that this is to be your child, we start the process for bringing you together. We will send you our LOI Packet for you to complete. You will be asked to pay a non-refundable agency fee deposit at this time.

5. PRE-APPROVAL “PA” If the CCAA agrees to this match and to the family plan and situation, they will send a Pre-Approval to Small World. If the dossier supports the information given in the LOI and the Parent Info, the family will be allowed to proceed with adopting this child. At this point the family is asked to pay the balance of the agency fee.

6. HOME STUDY If you have not already completed a homestudy, you will need to initiate that process at this time. This can be done by Small World in Tennessee and South Carolina OR the family pays an out-of-state agency for home study completion.

7. DOSSIER The family completes the necessary documents for China (dossier) with our assistance.

8. THE DOSSIER IS SENT TO CHINA The dossier is then sent to China along with a photocopy of the Pre-Approval.

9. LETTER OF ACCEPTANCE “LOA” If the CCAA approves this adoption from the dossier paperwork they then issue a letter of acceptance for the family to complete along with a letter of confirmation for the US Consulate to compete. The family sends a completed I-800 and Article 16 letter to USCIS for approval at this time.

10. TRAVEL APPROVAL “TA” Once the CCAA receives the LOA from the family and Letter of Confirmation from the consulate, they then issue travel approval for the family to come to China to complete the adoption.

Waiting Children Requirements

Each foreign government sets the requirements for adoption for each individual child according to their age and special need. Basic requirements for adopters are the same as for the standard process (Bulgaria) However, most countries also have the following additional requirements for families desiring to adopt these children. The family is loving and caring, mentally qualified and prepared to nurture children of special needs. The family has experience and skill to care for children of special needs. The family has medical rehabilitation and nurturing plans specially worked out for the child that they are adopting. The family is in good economic position and their annual incomes are higher than the guidelines for general adoptive families. This is due to the expenses that might occur in caring for a child with medical issues. The family is committed to the adoptive relationship and providing medical care for the child. They are dedicated to giving the care and support that is needed by this child. Most families will have two-parents, although some countries do allow for a few singles to adopt “waiting children”.