Adoption Program

In 2017, Ghana joined the Hague Adoption Convention and Small World began working in Ghana to place children from Ghana in American homes.  Small World is proud to be partnering with the government of Ghana.


The system in Ghana is new under the Hague, but the government is actively doing adoptions while tailoring their system to work smoothly with the Hague requirements.  It is Africa and typically in Africa the emphasis is not on time schedules.  Some delays should be expected and you should be prepared to be flexible.

The adoption process in Ghana

Small World walks with you through the entire process of your adoption. The Small World employees communicate with you throughout the entire process and will guide you through to completion. Small World English speaking Representatives meet each family at the plane upon arrival in Accra, Ghana and guide and accompany you through every step of the adoption process.

You will be in Ghana approximately 2 to 4 weeks. Our representatives will walk you through the entire process in the city your child is coming from as well as in Accra, culminating in your child’s visa from the US Consulate. Small World Representatives will accompany you to the airport for your departure from Ghana back to your home with your child.

For any further questions concerning our Ghana program please contact the Ghana Program Director Jimbo Savley at



Each applicant must be at least 25 years old and generally not more than 55 years older than the child. There is no firm restriction on the age limit, but it is subject to a case by case review by Small World and the Central authority of Ghana.


Small World requires sufficient income and resources on the part of every applicant to support the addition of a child.


Ghana does not limit the number of children per family, but it is subject to a case by case review by Small World and the Central authority of Ghana. Ghana refers children 1 – 14 years of age.

Marital Status

Married heterosexual couples who have been married for at least 3 years and single heterosexual females only may apply to adopt from Small World’s Ghana program.


In accordance with Small World’s mission statement, our Ghana program is open to Christian families only.

Post Adoption

Ghana is intensely interested in the development of children placed for adoption. They require reports at 6 months, 1 year and 18 months by a social worker approved by Small World.

For further information, please contact Kerri Tracy, Director of Post Placement Services.


Fees for Ghana adoption paid to Small World:

Application  $250
Home Study $2,000
Agency Fee $6,000
Dossier Fee (Includes shipping all documents, Authentication, Registration, and Translation of all documents throughout the adoption process) $2,250
Acceptance of Referral $2,000
Foreign Program Fee (Per child unless indicated) $11,250
Post Adoption Services (Based on reports per child)* $400

Estimated Expenses for Ghana adoption above fees paid to Small World:

Document procurement  $500
USCIS Application $775
FBI Fingerprints ($85 per adult living in the home) $170
Roundtrip Air from US (2 adults returning with 1 child) $5,000
Hotel/Ground Trans. (2 adults plus the adopted child) $3,000

Total Adoption Cost:

Total Adoption Cost $33,595

Payment Schedule

Application Fee Payment must accompany submission of application.
Services Agreement The signed services agreement must be returned to Small World as the next step after the client’s application has been accepted by Small World. No payment with the Services Agreement is required.
Home Study Fee Payment must be submitted prior to the initiation of Home Study services. The Home Study packet will not be sent and work will not begin until the Home Study fee is paid. Payments for updates are due at the time services are requested. For families residing outside of TN/MO/GA, case worker travel is billed separately and in advance of travel.
Home Study Review Fee All Home Studies are reviewed by our professional reviewers. If your Home Study is prepared by an agency other than Small World, a Home Study review fee of $200 is due at the time Small World enters into a contractual agreement with your Home Study provider.
Agency Fee Payment must be submitted at the time of the completed Homestudy. No further work may be performed toward the adoption until the agency fee is received by Small World. The agency fee for each additional child adopted simultaneously with the first child for most programs is eligible for a 50% discount.
Post Adoption Services *Payment for a 2 report service period, per child, must be submitted with the Home Study fee. The report fee balance, per child, is due prior to travel. The number and frequency of reports required varies by country. Please contact the appropriate program director for report schedules. For families residing outside of TN/MO/GA, case worker travel is billed separately and in advance of travel.
PAR Processing Fee Post Adoption Reports prepared by agencies other than Small World require a processing fee of $100 per report approved by Small World to be completed by a pre-approved exempt provider. PAR processing fees for all reports are due prior to travel.
Dossier Prep & Registration Fee Payment must accompany the first, original documents submitted to Small World for processing.
Acceptance of Referral Payment to Small World must accompany your “Acceptance of Referral” document for each child. Submission of the intent to accept a referral does not guarantee approval by the foreign country.
Foreign Program Fee Half of the Foreign Program Fee us due at the time of I800 or I600 approval, and the balance is due prior to travel.


Country And Culture

“The population of Ghana is divided into some 75 ethnic groups. In the recent census of 2012 the estimated population of Ghana is 25,000,000(females-51%, males 49), giving the country an overall population density of 78 persons per sq km (201 per sq mi).  The most densely populated parts of the country are the coastal areas, the Ashanti region, and the two principal cities, Accra and Kumasi.  About 70 percent of the total population lives in the southern half of the country.  The most numerous peoples are the coastal Fanti, andthe Ashanti, who live in central Ghana, both of whom belong to the Akan family.

Accra, the capital, has 10% of the total population.  Kumasi is the capital of the Ashanti region.  Sekondi has an artificial harbor and was the first modern port built in Ghana.  Other major cities include Tema, Tamale, and Cape Coast.  People living in urban areas account for 37 percent of the population.

English is the official language of Ghana and is universally used in schools in addition to nine other local languages.  The most widely spoken local languages are, Ga, Dagomba, Akan and Ewe.

Traditional religions accounts for 5.2% of the population.  The Christian population also accounts for 71.2% of the total population and includes Roman Catholics, Baptist, Protestants, etc.  The Muslim population (17.6 percent of the total) is located chiefly in the northern part of the country.”



“Ghana is and has always been known for it’s wide range of tourist attractions and facilities.  For the traveler, Ghana is that latter-day unknown, unexplored and certainly an unexploited destination which abounds in an unbelievable array of striking attractions, distinctive and peculiar to each of the ten regions in Ghana.  There are four major areas of interest to the tourist in Ghana, namely, Culture, History, Ecology and Recreation.”

More information on the statistics of Small World’s program is available upon request, including the number of adoption placements per year, number of applicants per year, and where possible, the number of children eligible for adoption. Please contact the Program Director via the info form to the right of this page if you wish to receive to discuss this information.