Mission Trip to Liberia


by: Heather Ratliff


Small World is excited to announce a mission trip to Monrovia, Liberia in the early part of 2019.  Small World first partnered with the Liberian government in the Fall of 2017, and our Liberia adoption program began under the direction of Mr. Jimbo Savley. Since that time, a transition home opened, and in June of 2018, 8 children were placed in that home where they receive more individualized care and medical attention.  Currently, a sibling group of two has been matched with a family and they are in the adoption process! Liberia and its requirements are very different than other countries thus making it more appealing to prospective adoptive families.

To further develop and improve this program, the mission trip next year has several goals. These include working to improve the facilities, training staff and conducting detailed medical evaluations on the children.

The group going to Liberia will conduct needed maintenance on the building, such as painting, small projects and installing playground equipment. Small World wants the children to have a fun, safe environment where they can thrive while they’re in our care. Those who attend will also have the opportunity to interact with the children, get to know them and love on them. This is a huge blessing to the children and can be for you too.

It is also important to Small World to have well trained, informed staff to provide the best possible care to the children in the transition home. To that end, Mrs. Kerri Tracy, Director of Post Placement Services and a Trauma and Attachment Specialist will travel to Liberia to help train the staff to have a deeper understanding of the complex needs of the children and how to help them overcome these issues. Mrs. Tracy will provide training in Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) which is an attachment-based, trauma-informed intervention that is designed to meet the child’s unique needs and address the whole child. The training is based on the book “The Connected Child,” by Dr. Karyn B. Purvis and David R. Cross. Adoptive families here in America receive similar training as preparation for their adoption, so this will create more continuity and make the move from the transition home to adoptive home much smoother.

Lastly, Small World is working with a local pediatrician to travel to Liberia on the mission trip to provide the children with extensive medical evaluations. The children will have to the chance to receive professional evaluations and recommendations made to improve their overall health.

Small World is partnering with local churches to get the word out about the mission trip and to seek out those who might be interested in joining the Small World team in this endeavor.

They are several ways to be involved with Small World on this mission trip. If you feel you have the skill set necessary to provide maintenance to the building, then travelling with the group would be an excellent way to participate. You can contact your church if they are working with Small World or contact Jimbo Savley directly at jimbo@smallworldadoption.com.  If you can’t travel but have a heart for adoption and want to support the mission trip, your prayers and donations are always appreciated. You can donate at www.smallworldadoption.com/donate-today or by contacting the Small World business office. You can also help create awareness about adoption by sharing with others about Small World and this mission trip.

Small World is so grateful for the opportunity to further this program and complete the adoptions of these sweet orphaned children, because every child deserves a loving family.