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“A group of us at my work watch ”Loving Life” with Jim and Julie every week, We call each other after the show and talk about the subjects they have been discussing and explaining. “Loving Life” is a different kind of Bible teaching and you don’t feel preached at. Jim’s teaching style is very relaxed and we feel like we’re a part of the discussion.”- Tom

Jim Savley’s Bio

Jim is a family man and has been married to Jean Savley since 1970. Jim and Jean have four children and eleven grandchildren. He was born in Tennessee in 1948 in Springfield, Tennessee. After graduating from high school in 1967, Jim joined the United States Marine Corp and served in Vietnam in 1968. Jim was injured in the battle of Khe Sahn in the spring of 1968, and awarded a purple heart.

Jim graduated from Middle Tennessee State Universityt  in Murfreesboro TN with a Bachelor of Science in 1973 and  continued in their Master of Psychology program.  Jim bwent to work in law enforcement. He served as a criminal investigator and was the director of drug task force units for the district attorney office in Montgomery, Robertson and Sumner counties conducting undercover campaigns in the war on drugs.  Jim then seved as a criminal investigator for the Sumner County Sherif’s Department focusing on burglary and homoside investigations.  Jim also conducted underrcover operations for additional district attornes in several other counties in TN.  The years as an undercover agent led up to his conversion experience by receiving Jesus Christ as his savior.

Jim received Christ as Savior and Lord on February 18th 1976 in the courthouse in Springfield Tennessee.

In 1978 Jim received the call into the gospel ministry.  Jim was accepted into Liberty Seminary in Lynchburg, VA in the fall of 1978. During his seminary years Jim pastored Open Door Baptist Church, a small church in Halifax VA. Jim graduated from seminary in 1981 with a Master of Arts in Counseling.

Jim joined the pastoral staff at Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, VA in 1983 where his mentor Dr. Jerry Falwell was the senior pastor.  He became the first director of the Save A Baby Ministry at Thomas Road Baptist Church helping establish the Family Life Services Adoption Agency and the Godparent Maternity Home. Jim led the pro-life/pro-family ministries for Thomas Road Baptist Church and appeared on The Old Time Gospel Hour TV Ministry with Dr. Jerry Falwell several times during the period of 1983-1986.

Jim and Jean received a call from the Lord in 1986 to return home to Tennessee and begin a Christian non-profit organization offering alternatives to abortion and finding adoptive families for orphans and vulnerable children.  The call came during a church service where Dr. Francis Schaffer was preaching.  Jim went forward and prayed at the altar where God confirmed what he wanted Jim to do. After which he was amazed to see Jean returning from the altar as well have received the same call from the Lord.  The organization’s name is Small World, Inc. and its mission is to respond to James 1:27 buy creating families via adoption and tuning orphans and vulnerable children into sons and daughters.

Adoption became a greater focus and expanded our ministry of finding permanent loving Christian families for children who were placed into our custody and those we found orphaned or abandoned at home and around the world.

Jim’s maternal grandmother was an orphaned child sold as an indentured servant and lived a very hard existence until her adulthood when she freed herself and married a good man. Jim recalls in his early childhood being admonished to always be kind to orphans in honor of his grandmother and her experience.

This emphasis led me to the millions of orphaned and abandoned children in institutions around the world. Adoption is a solution to the condition of orphan. After the orphaned or abandoned child is adopted by his new family he is no longer an orphan. The orphan condition is cured. The state and others no longer have to support him. That is the job of his new family. It makes sense for society and the child. It is great feeling, when I can take a Christian couple into an orphanage and introduce them to their new son or daughter and seeing that child adjust over the next few days to having enough food every day and having parents who love him. The other great plus in this ministry is seeing a couple find the child they have longed for, sometimes for years.

Small World continues to rescue orphans in institutions on four continents around the world and place them for adoption in Christian families.

God used her hardships to help motivate me to travel around the world taking the love of God in the form of Christmas presents each year through our “Christmas In The Orphanage” campaign every year since 1991. I am blessed every time one of those little eyes lights up when they see they have a present and it really belongs to them.

During the days of Romania’s coming out of communism I spent a lot of time there preaching in their newly reopened churches and ministering in the orphanages. During a “Christmas in the Orphanage” trip I visited an orphanage for preschoolers in the north eastern corner of Romania. It was bitter cold and there was about 6 inches of snow on the ground. I saw some little kids playing in the snow just outside the front door as we carried duffle bags of gifts into the orphanage. While our team unpacked the duffle bags and prepared for the presentation of the Christmas story and the giving of gifts I visited with the kids. I picked up one little 2 year old boy. I looked at his feet and they were wrapped with rags and had a sock pulled over them. I asked the director why he was outside without shoes on his feet. She said “We have over 200 children and only 15 pairs of shoes. They race for them in the morning and whoever gets them has shoes for that day.” We went to a shop and bought as many shoes as we could that day and brought them back to the kids in addition to the other Christmas gifts we gave them.

There are literally tens of millions of orphaned and abandoned children in the world. We are curing the problem one child and one family at a time through adoption.”

Jim accepted a call as associate pastor at a church in 2003. He served in that capacity as the lead teaching pastor and executive pastor for five years until resigning in 2008 to pursue a global ministry.

Jim continues to lead Small World a licensed and fully Hague accredited adoption agency. He serves on the board of directors for the National Council for Adoption in Washington, D.C. Jim launched his television ministry in 2009 and is busy with extensive foreign missions work and a weekly TV broadcast. www.jimsavleyministries.com

“For the one who wants to love life and see good days must keep his tongue from evil and his lips from uttering deceit. And he must turn away from evil and do good; he must seek peace and pursue it.”

-1 Peter 3:10-11