Birth Mothers

pregnant-teenAre you pregnant and not ready for motherhood?

It’s going to be okay. You have come to the right place and we are here to help you.

Small World provides a birth mother program designed to meet your needs and give you a safe environment in which to choose an adoption placement for your child without being judged or ignored. The father of your baby may or may not be helpful but we are here for you.

Adoption is a choice that we will help you explore. The loving choice of adoption gives you and your baby a future that benefits both of you. We have many loving Christian families that are capable and just waiting for the opportunity to give your child a loving home and the stability he or she needs. Our professional Social Workers have investigated, inspected and trained couple who have waited for years in most cases to adopt a child.

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Does adoption cost me, the birth mother, anything?

No. Adoption services, counseling, legal services, and medical services are provided or arranged by Small World at no charge to you. We will complete all the necessary legal aspects to complete the adoption. You will not need to pay an attorney or anyone else.

  • Living expenses – We may be able to help birth mothers with necessary living expenses if the unplanned pregnancy disrupts usual income such as from employment or support from parents. Living expenses may include rent, groceries, and maternity clothes.
  • Medical Expenses – Most women are eligible for Medicaid or are covered by private medical insurance. We can assist in the application process or in determining eligibility. If a birth mother isn’t covered by Medicaid or private medical insurance, we may be able to help with medical expenses.
  • Attorney and Agency Fees – There’s nothing to worry about. We’ll handle every detail of your release and that of the birth father. There’s no need to work with a separate attorney and there are no costs to birth parents.

Will there be any financial assistance for me?

Depending on the state in which you reside, financial assistance may be legally available to you. Only a few states do not allow financial assistance. Typically, Small World is able to assist you with reasonable living expenses during your third trimester and one month following the birth of your baby. That is a total of 4 months worth of financial assistance. These funds come from the prospective adoptive couple and are a genuine desire to help you as the biological mother of the child they hope to adopt.

Can I choose the family to adopt my baby?

Yes. If you wish to choose the family to adopt your baby, you may choose and meet the family by looking thorough our profiles of families that have been approved and are waiting. The choice is yours

Will I have contact with my baby in the future?

There are several different options for you concerning contact with the adoptive family. These range from no contact at all if you wish, letters and pictures delivered to you annually or in some situations you and the family may choose an even more open arrangement. We will work with you to find the most appropriate options for you, the adoptive parents, and your baby.

What about the father of my baby?

If he is unknown or does not wish to pursue a plan of adoption, Small World legal experts will assist you in an appropriate way of addressing the rights of the biological father.

Do you have more information?

Below is a guide to making an adoption plan and answers to other frequently asked questions. If you still have questions or just want to explore your options, please call us at 615-754-6540.