Embryo Adoption

What is Embryo Adoption?

When a couple goes through IVF, their doctor creates as many embryos as possible. The embryos are transferred in the woman’s uterus, ans the rest are frozen. When the couple is done building their family, they can choose to donate any remaining embryos to another couple. Small World is partnered with the National Embryo Donation Center and all embryos that are donated are stored in the center’s cryo-bank. Donor families release their rights to their embryo(s) at the time of donation. This allows Small World to match adoptive families with compatible embryos.

Small World is dedicated to providing professional services to all parties involved in the embryo adoption triad (the donor, the baby, and the adoptive family). Small World will complete a family assessment with the adoptive couple, provide counseling for the donors and embryo recipient family, and educate and assist with the matching process.

The Small World Embryo Program includes:

  • Orientation – in person or by phone or SKYPE – Questions are answered and a detailed overview of the process is given
  • Family Assessment (similar to a conventional adoption homestudy)
  • Couple Counseling and preparation for pregnancy (during the family assessment)
  • Clinic Referral and Coordination
  • Matching (optional)
    • Counseling for embryo donors and recipients
    • A telephone or SKYPE session moderated by the Small World Counselor outlining the participants desires concerning  degrees of openess and or confidentiality.

Contact Jim Savley at 615 754 6540 or email him here.



Small World’s Embryo Adoption Program requires that applicants be at least 25 years old at the time of application but no older than 45 at time of implantation. (Individual clinics/doctors may have different requirements. In such cases, the stricter set of requirements will be followed.)


In accordance with Small World’s mission statement, the Embryo Adoption Program is open to qualified Christian families.

Marital Status

Married, heterosexual couples only may apply.


Prospective mothers will be required to be examined by the OBGYN at the National Embryo Donation Center in Knoxville Tennessee to determine  that their uterus is viable and that they are medically fit for pregnancy, labor, delivery, and are free of communicable diseases.

Fees for Embryo adoption paid to Small World:

Application  $250
Home Study $1,750
Matching fee (optional)  $1,000


Total Fees $2,000 – $3,000