Embryo Adoption

Hundreds of thousands of frozen embryos in the United States are awaiting their destiny. Now, through Small World’s Embryo Adoption Program, the wait is over!

Healthy, biological parents who have completed their family can donate the embryos that remain and allow new families to begin. Donated embryos are stored in a Cryo-bank with whom Small World has partnered.

If you have a viable uterus or even want to use a gestational surrogate to carry your child, Small World can help. Donor families release their rights to their embryo(s) at the time of donation, allowing Small World to later match prospective recipient parents with compatible embryos. Small World receives medical background information on the donors; everything else remains confidential.

Much like a traditional domestic adoption, you can choose your level of openness with the donor family. The process is highly confidential and similar to a traditional adoption except that you are carrying the baby. The loving act of embryo adoption is a win-win-win situation for the donors, the adoptive couple, and the embryo that will develop in their womb and be raised in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. The miracle of giving birth to your adopted baby is now possible!

How can Small World Help?

We at Small World are dedicated to providing professional services to all parties involved in the embryo adoption triad – the donor, the adoptive family, and the baby. The entire process is wrapped in confidentiality from the first phone call throughout.

Since its beginning in 1985, Small World has been a pro-life, pro human dignity organization. Small World has completed over 2,000 conventional adoptions providing an alternative to abortion for birth mothers and providing Godly Christian families for orphaned and abandoned children from around the world.

Small World will complete recipient families’ family assessments, provide counseling for the donor and recipient families, education and assistance with the matching process. We have partnered with the National Embryo Donation Center, and we work closely with them to ensure confidentiality and the best results possible.



Small World’s Embryo Adoption Program requires that applicants be at least 25 years old at the time of application but no older than 45 at time of implantation. (Individual clinics/doctors may have different requirements. In such cases, the stricter set of requirements will be followed.)


In accordance with Small World’s mission statement, the Embryo Adoption Program is open to qualified Christian families.

Marital Status

Married, heterosexual couples only may apply.


Prospective mothers will be required to be examined by the OBGYN at the National Embryo Donation Center in Knoxville Tennessee to determine  that their uterus is viable and that they are medically fit for pregnancy, labor, delivery, and are free of communicable diseases.

Fees for Embryo adoption paid to Small World:

Application  $250
Home Study $1,750
Matching fee  $1,000

Total Small World Fees: $2,000 plus Matching support services which are optional.

National Embryo Donation Center Fees are paid directly to them.

The Small World Program includes:

  • Family Assessment (similar to a conventional adoption homestudy)
  • Couple Counseling and preparation for pregnancy
  • Database Login and Record Storage
  • Clinic Referral and Coordination
  • Matching (counseling for embryo donors and recipient)

Contact Jim Savley at 615 754 6540 or email him here.