Select a country to learn more about their International Adoption process.

Overview of our international adoption process:

  • The first thing you should do is to download the Adoption Application here: Adoption Application.You should complete and return this application as soon as possible.
  • After submitting this application, a member from our staff will review the application and notify you within one week of provisional approval.
  • If Small World will be handling your Homestudy, we will start that process at this time. If Small World is not performing your homestudy, you should start that process at this time with a licensed Hague accredited agency, that will be performing your homestudy. Small world is a fully Hague accredited agency and can be of great help to you and your homestudy agency for those living outside TN and MO, throughout the process.
  • Once your homestudy is complete you will be asked to enter into contract with Small World and pay the agency fee. After signing the adoption services contract, you will receive a list of documents to prepare for your Dossier Packet. Once you have completed dossier, you will submit them along with your homestudy and your CIS approval to Small World. Small World will then prepare your Dossier to be submitted to the government. Small World is different from many agencies in that as a full service agency, we process your dossier for you.
  • In most countries after your documents are registered and approved in the foreign country you will receive a Referral Packet. If you approve of the child the foreign government refers to you, you will complete and submit to Small World the acceptance forms and adoption petitions. If you do not approve of the child the foreign government refers to you, you may deny acceptance and another child will be referred to you.
  • Now you are ready to pick up your child. After you submit the acceptance forms and adoption petitions, you may travel to the foreign country to complete all legal matters and bring the child home.  If both parents travel to the foreign country and receive the child prior to the adoption, he/she will receive US citizenship automatically upon arrival in the US.
  • Small World suggests that in all cases you will then complete Re-Adoption in your home state. Once this is done those that did not qualify for immediate citizenship upon entry to the US may apply to CIS for US citizenship for your child.