Small World China Program Update – Praising God

A lot is happening with our Small World Family

Praise God !! 

You are not going to believe how God worked today at CCCWA. I’ll try to give you a brief overview.

  1. We have been requested and we accepted to begin a “Social Orphan Program” to bring new hope to children in dyer situations beginning at Chongqing , the largest city in China (over 30 million people not far from Chengdu. That means children with special needs being raised by family or others than their parents who can not care for them any longer and desire to surrender their parental rights may be adopted by Small World Families working with civil affairs and CCCWA.  This humanitarian move is an extension of the one to one program and an attempt to lessen the amount of time a child that has been declared adoptable by proper authorities in the Chinese Government must spend in an institution. These children all will have had irrevocable surrenders of parental rights or termination of parental rights due to abuse or neglect or other appropriate reasons in accordance with Chinese law and the Hague Adoption  Convention.
  2. We have been assigned another partner orphanage Qujing China near Kunming.
  3. We have been approved to take families to orphanages for our “Small World’s “Face To Face” program, where our approved families will volunteer services to assist the orphanage and bring humanitarian supplies to the children.  If during their time at the orphanage they are able to connect with a child that is on our Waiting Child List they can request to be matched with that child.  A Small World Adoption Professional will be leading each Journey and helping evaluate the process. We hope being able to meet the waiting children up close and personal will relieve fears families may have that information on waiting children is inaccurate.  The matching can actually take place if the child meets the approvals of the family’s homestudy and the Small World Caseworker agrees it is a good match.
  4. We have 10 Chinese orphans  scheduled to come to Tennessee for our camp this fall, where approved families can also follow a similar process with Small World staff  to be matched to a child to adopt and then follow the normal China adoption process after the child returns to China.
  5. CCCWA encouraged us that they support our efforts to help expats adopt while living abroad due to our recognized 29 years of experience in expat adoptions and our American employees stationed in China and around the world.
  6. We have been requested to conduct at least 2 medical missions to our partnership orphanages in China this year.
  7. We are expecting to receive 2 more orphanage partnerships after Chinese New Year in the Xiamen Area.
  8. CCCWA has offered to host Small World’s in-country caseworkers training this year at the CCCWA offices in BJ.
  9. CCCWA is planning to travel to Nashville this year and meet with all Small World  staff and we plan to surprise them with a trip to the Grand Old Opry accompanied by some of our adoptive families.

Whaaaaaaaaaat !!!!!!!!!! God is so good.