Our Story

Humble Beginnings

Jim Savley, the founder of Small World was being shaped for ministry even as a child. Jim’s maternal grandmother was an orphaned child sold as an indentured servant and lived a hard existence until her adulthood when she freed herself and married a good man from Tennessee. Jim recalls in his early childhood being admonished to always be kind to orphans in honor of his grandmother and her experience.

Small World continues to rescue orphans in institutions around the world and place them for adoption in Christian families.

Small World’s Journey

  • Jim’s Backstory

    Jim joined the United States Marine Corps after graduating from high school in 1967, later being awarded a Purple Heart. After the Marine Corps, he attended college at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) where he prepared for his future career in law encoforcement. In 1976, Jim received Christ as his savior and was called to ministry. His wife Jean and their two sons, Jimbo and Josh, moved to Lynchburg, Virginia where Jim enrolled in Liberty Baptist Seminary. After graduating, the family had grown to include two daughters, Julie and Jennifer.
  • Ministry Calling

    Jim joined the pastoral staff at Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, VA in 1981. He became the first director of the “Save A Baby Ministry” at Thomas Road Baptist Church, leading the establishment of the Family Life Services Adoption Agency and the God Parent Maternity Home in Lynchburg, VA. Jim led the pro-life/ pro-family ministries for Thomas Road Baptist Church and appeared on The Old Time Gospel Hour TV Ministry with Dr. Jerry Falwell during the period of 1981-1985.
  • Small World, Inc. Was Born

    In 1985 after graduating from seminary and serving on staff for 5 years at the largest church in America at that time. God called Jean and Jim during a sermon preached by Dr. Francis Schafer at Thomas Road Baptist Church in 1985 to start an independent Christian ministry that would offer a viable alternative to abortion and rescue orphans around the world and make them son’s and daughters of Christian couples. They named it Small World, Inc.
  • Robbins Family