• Can I choose the family that will adopt my baby?

    Yes! Small World is simply here to walk you through the process of making an adoption plan and to provide education. You are in the driver’s seat! Small World has many families that are ready to accept a child into their home. You can view their profiles here.

  • How much contact will I have with my child and the adoptive family?

    This will depend on the type of adoption that you choose! There are three different types of adoption. Your Small World counselor will work with you to develop a post adoption contact agreement that provides details on communication.

    • Closed Adoption means there’s no contact or identifying information shared between you and the adoptive parents.
    • Semi-Open Adoption means that Small World acts as the mediator between you and the adoptive family. You will not have direct communication with them but you will be able to receive pictures and updates on the child until they are 18 years old.
    • Open Adoption means that you will have direct communication with the adoptive family.
  • What is the difference between adoption and foster care?

    These can often be confused. When an expectant mother voluntarily makes an adoption plan for her child, she gets to choose the adoptive family and the kind of ongoing relationship. The family she chooses will be the child’s permanent family. In foster care, the biological parents usually do not get to choose the foster parents and the adoption plan is not voluntary.

  • What about the father of my baby?

    Each state has its own laws regarding biological and legal fathers and when they can sign paperwork to surrender their parental rights. We welcome the cooperation of any biological/legal father and would like to also provide him with education and counseling through the adoption process. If his identity is unknown, we can still help you make an adoption plan. Your Small World counselor will work with you and provide you with information that is applicable to your situation.

  • Does making an adoption plan cost me anything?

    No! All of our agency’s services are free to you. This includes counseling, making an adoption plan, and legal services.

  • Am I able to receive financial assistance?

    Depending on the state that you live in, as a licensed agency, we are allowed by law to help with some expenses related to your pregnancy. Your Small World counselor will help you assess what is needed and connect you to community resources as well.

  • What if my child has a medical condition?

    Small World has waiting families that are ready to care for a child that may have medical/special needs diagnoses. We serve all children in need!

  • What about my hospital experience?

    You will work with your Small World counselor to develop a hospital plan prior to going into labor. You will personalize this plan to what you want and is comfortable to you. Your Small World counselor will communicate this with hospital staff and the adoptive family you have chosen.

  • What support do I receive from Small World?

    Once you have contacted Small World via phone 615-754-6540 or text 615-968-1660, you will be connected with a Small World counselor to receive initial information about making an adoption plan and be asked to give information about your situation so that your counselor can assess how best to serve you. Your Small World counselor will walk with you with you through the whole process, from the time of first contact until after you have voluntarily surrendered your parental rights. Your Small World counselor will not pressure you to choose adoption but will provide education and counseling to help you make any decisions needed. You will also meet with your counselor at least once post placement of the child. Small World provides continued client initiated counseling post adoption and is available to help connect you with resources in your community.