Can I have a free consultation before submitting my application?

Yes. Give us a call at 615-754-6540 and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Is Small World a licensed agency?

Yes. Small World is a licensed child placing agency in Tennessee, Missouri, and Georgia.

Is Small World a fully Hague Accredited Agency?

Yes. Small World was fully accredited in the first group of US Agencies.

Do you offer any financial help or assistance in raising money for my adoption?

Yes. Please check out our Rewards Programs page for more details.

Does Small World have representatives in the foreign countries where they do adoptions?

Yes. We have employees and contracted representatives in countries where we work. We also work with agencies known to us through networking agreements to enlarge our outreach and benefit our clients.

How long has Small World been in existence and how long has Small World done international adoptions?

Small World was founded in 1985 and began international adoptions in 1987.

Is Small World listed by the U. S. Department of State in Washington, D.C.?


Will a representative of Small World accompany us in the foreign country when we go to pick up our child?


Do you have to travel?

For international adoptions, some countries require the parent or parents to be present and some do not require either parent to be present. Most countries require at least one parent be present.

Do you have to live in a specific state?

No. Small World provides adoption services to US Citizens all over the world.

What age children are available?

Small World has completed adoptions for infants through 14 years old.

Do I have to be an American to adopt through Small World Adoption?

In order for Small World to place a child with your family you do have to be an American as we are a US agency. However, we can provide home study services for other nationalities as long as your primary provider agency from your home country will accept our home study.

I have a “sensitive” job and location can I still adopt?

Most likely yes! We have worked with many families in this situation. Please email or call us and we can talk to you more about the process from this perspective.