Home Study Services

Small World is licensed to provide home study services to families who are adopting internationally or domestically in Tennessee and Missouri.  

Small World provides home study services for families adopting through one of our programs as well as families that live in Tennessee and Missouri and only need home study services.  

What is a Home Study?  

A home study is the first step in the adoption process. Through the home study process, you will be required to complete training, lots of paperwork, medical evaluations, criminal clearances, reference letters, financial evaluations, etc. You will also complete multiple home visits and in-person interviews with your assigned caseworker. This process is to assess your readiness to bring a child into your home through adoption and is a requirement to complete an adoption.  

What is a Home Study Update? 

A home study update is needed when there has been a major life change in your home, or it is required by your home state or the country you are adopting from. Home studies are typically updated annually. During a home study Update only information related to criminal history, financial history, and medical history are typically updated. In some instances, a home visit is also required. Small World does not update home studies that were completed by other agencies.

If you would like more information on our home study services, please contact Christian Graham, who is our Pre-Placement Social Work Supervisor.

Fees for Home Study Services – Domestic

Application  $300
Home Study  $2000
Home Study Update  $1200
Home Study Review Fee (for families living outside of TN & MO) $225
ICPC Services (Out of state families, due at placement when applicable)$1500
Post Adoption/Post Placement Reports$450 per report, per child

Fees for Home Study Services – International

Application  $300
Home Study $2250
Home Study Update$1200
Post Adoption Reports $450 per report, per child