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Mission Statement

Small World, as a Christian ministry, exists to support parents through the difficult decision of parenting or placing their child for adoption and to preserve and protect the lives, born and unborn, of orphaned, abandoned and unwanted children, by looking after them, and ultimately restoring them as sons and daughters in loving Christian families.

How We Began

Small World Adoption Agency was founded by Jim and Jean Savley. Learn how the agency was started and the personal history the Savleys have with adoption.

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Read about our Hague Re-accreditation and our list of memberships with other renowned organizations.

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Our Leadership

Learn more about our leadership and team at Small World Adoption.

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The following additional information is available upon request:

  1. The number of Small World’s adoption placements per year for the prior three calendar years, and the number and percentage of those placements that remain intact, are disrupted, or have been dissolved as of the time the information is provided
  2. The number of parents who apply to adopt through Small World on a yearly basis, based on data for the prior three calendar years
  3. The number of children eligible for adoption and awaiting an adoptive placement referral via Small World