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Elliott family

“Small World is small enough to know you – every person I talked to knew my family, large enough to handle any issues that come up, committed to finding families for all children, ethical, honest, kind, and understanding. I went through two of their international programs and cannot possibly recommend them highly enough. When I didn’t know what to do, they were always there, helping me figure out what was in the best interest of my family, even when I didn’t know. They are phenomenal and I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Mannchen family

“When we first looked for an agency to work with, we could not find an agency that would work with our “unique” international case. We are an international family living overseas. Until one night, late at night, when one of those dang google stocking adds popped up on my browser and there we found Small World! We can not express how incredible this agency is.

When everyone else said “it won’t work” they said “let’s try.” When everyone else said “no,” they said, “why not?” They have fought and believed in and with us since day one through the complexity of our adoption. From Germany to the US to Madagascar to China, they never stopped believing we would bring a child home. They have always made it about fighting for a home for a child and never about the bureaucracy and politics of international law- but thank God they helped us deal with that! They helped us through all 4 languages: English, German, French, and Chinese, did 4 walkthroughs with us (yes even flying over from the US to Germany), celebrated our family’s diversity instead of being frustrated by the extra work it brought for them, and were our biggest advocates.

If you are expats, an international family, or even a US family wanting to adopt internationally or domestically, we could not recommend a better agency to walk alongside your family than the Small World Adoption Family.”

Wentworth family

“Small World was amazing to work with for our adoption. We brought our girl home in July 2018.  They were with us every step of the way, providing thorough information, always responding promptly to messages and working efficiently to complete all the tasks!  We were well prepared and cared for in country and they were always there for support as needed.”

Baxter family

“When we chose to adopt through Small World we didn’t know we would be gaining them as a family too.  They have been the biggest blessing to our family and we are so thankful to have been on this journey with them.”

Griffin family

“This is an organization that puts children and families first, a true Christian based organization that treats everyone like family.” -Todd

“They have a wonderful, loving Christian staff who are so easy to work with. They are making our adoption process very manageable, offering encouragement every step of the way. My family highly recommends Small World Adoption!” -Tamara

Kinser family

“They are the most wonderful people to deal with. All of the staff makes you feel like family. They are encouraging every time we talk or have interactions. Small World is a blessing beyond words and measure.”