Expectant Mothers

pregnant-teenAre you pregnant and not ready for motherhood?

It’s going to be okay! You have come to the right place and we’re here to help you.

Small World provides an expectant mother program designed to meet your needs and give you a safe environment in which to choose an adoption placement for your child without being judged or ignored. The father of your baby may or may not be helpful but we are here for you.

Adoption is a choice that we will help you explore. The loving choice of adoption gives you and your baby a future that benefits both of you. We have many loving Christian families that are capable and just waiting for the opportunity to give your child a loving home and the stability he or she needs. Our professional Social Workers have investigated, inspected and trained couple who have waited for years in most cases to adopt a child.

Give us a call at 615-754-6540, text at 615-968-1660, or fill out the information below, and someone will get in touch with you.



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