Thank you for your interest in Small World.  We are honored to serve you.  Small World is a fully licensed and Hague Accredited Non-profit Christian Adoption Agency that specializes in adoptions for US Citizens residing outside the USA.  We provides Homestudies, Post Placement and Post Adoption visits and reports as well as full and complete adoptions.  We are providing adoption related services and complete adoptions as the Primary Provider for 400+ families residing all around the globe at any given time.

Yes we have social work employees stationed outside the USA performing homestudies and post adoption reports for families adopting through our international adoption programs.

Small World can serve you in Africa, Asia, Europe, Indonesia, India, Easter Europe,North America,  South America, South Pacific and Central America.

Steps to Adoption

This page will help you understand the general steps in the inter-country adoption process.

Timeline & Fees

This will give you an estimate of how long the Homestudy process takes as well as Small World Fees and Payment Schedule.

The Hague Convention

What is it and does it apply to my adoption?

Expats Tips & FAQs

This will help you get started as well as explain what a dossier is.