Expat Testimonials

The Eakman Family

Living in China, Adopted from Ethiopia

“When we first thought about adopting while living in China we thought that it would probably be impossible to accomplish. As we asked around for any help, we were directed to Small World as being a good agency to use while living in China. We were very thankful for all of their help throughout the process. The international adoption process is not without a few bumps whether living in the states or abroad, and SWA did an great job in helping us through the whole process and getting all of our documents in order for 3 countries. It can be quite the process being American, living in China and adopting from Ethiopia! We were thankful that Jimbo Savley even flew to Addis Abba, Ethiopia and gave us encouragement as we went to court to adopt our little boy and girl. It has been 3 years now since that first trip to Ethiopia to go to court, and we cannot imagine our family without Zac and Eliana being a part of it!”


The Yost Family

Living in China, Adopted from China

“We are the Yost family living in Chengdu, China. We honestly feel the experience of an expat adoption was not much different than adopting while living in America. The process was practically identical and whenever we ran into something we weren’t sure of Small World was quick to respond to emails or jump on skype and work out the situation for us. We loved the constant support and quick answers to our many questions despite the physical distance of being on two different continents. When we did get our referral, Small World did a great job helping us find ways to quicken the final steps and prepare us for our Gotcha Day. As an expat family adopting from China while living in China, the adoption officials were extra impressed when we spoke any Mandarin and also it really helped Halle adjust quickly to be able to speak her language. God clearly is using Small World to bring together many forever families and is a special gift to expat families.”