Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Psalms 139:14-16

Abortion continues unabated in the USA.  60 million plus babies in the womb have been killed by abortion since January 22, 1973 when our Supreme Court legalized abortion on demand throughout the United States.   Each innocent is made in the image of God and created with intellect and gifts that will never be known.

“I love babies and babies love me.  Recently I was standing in the checkout line at Publix Grocery and the mom in front of me hefted her baby up on her chest and the little one looked over his mom’s shoulder directly into my eyes.   We locked on each other and he smiled.  It is a scenario that plays out for me every day and multiple times per day.  We are in love, Babies and me, and it has been that way for most of my life.  My heart aches when I remember that every 20 seconds in America some little baby dies by the intentional act of abortion by his mother and her doctor.”

Medical Science has advanced so much since 1973 and there is no longer any excuse for a person to label a baby in their mother’s womb as “tissue” or “product of conception”.  These are euphemisms employed by Planned Parenthood and other abrortion providers to refer to a baby in the womb without acknowledging he or she as a human being.  It has always baffled me why people will swallow that lie.  An egg as soon as it is fertilized by a sperm, the 23 human chromosomes in the sperm connect with the 23 human chromosomes in the egg and an embryo is formed which has 46 chromosomes.  The only creature on earth with 46 chromosomes is a human being.  The only difference between the embryo and a healthy bundle of joy in their mother’s arms is time, nourishment and protection.

Abortion in America is barreling along and we all need to speak out against it.  For God’s sake, where are the voices of Christian leaders in America?  Our pulpits are silent for the most part when it comes to abortion.  As one who has served in a pro-life ministry since 1981 I pray the LORD will burden the hearts of Christians for the unborn babies at risk of abortion.  Proverbs 31:8 commands us to speak out for those who can not speak for themselves.  The silence concerning abortion in the church is unjustifiable and shameful.

Why is Sanctity Of Human Life Sunday January 20th this coming year?  Because it is the last Sunday before the memorial of the Roe verses Wade decision of our Supreme Court in 1973 that legalized abortion on demand throughout the USA. Over 60,000,000 babies have been sacrificed on the altar of convenience in the USA since that day.  Please speak up for the defenseless who are appointed to destruction.