Service Agreement and Statement of Faith

Please review Small World’s Adoption Services Agreement and Statement of Faith before downloading the application.


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Complaint Policy

Small World, Inc. will respond in a thoughtful and systematic manner to concerns that are voiced by clients.  No client should ever be discouraged from filing a complaint.  If the client is not satisfied with a decision, action, or service delivered, or believes that the agency may not be in compliance with the Hague Convention, International Adoption Act (IAA), regulations implementing the IAA, or the UAA, the agency provides a formal grievance and appeal process.

When a verbal complaint is received, the appropriate department staff (Social Work Department or International Department, depending on where the client is in the adoption process) will respond directly to the complaint within two working days.

If the client indicates he/she is unsatisfied with the decision, a copy of the Grievance and Appeal Policy is sent to the client.

The client has the right to appeal to the Small World, Inc. Executive Director.  The Executive Director must receive this appeal in writing within ten working days.  The Executive Director reserves the right to consult the Social Work Staff, International Staff, Small World, Inc. Board Members, and professionals should it be deemed necessary.

The Executive Director will inform the client of the decision in writing within thirty days of the receipt of the appeal.  Small World, Inc. shall expedite the appeal process in matters of a time-sensitive nature or allegations of fraud.  A copy of this decision will be placed in the client file.  All decisions are based on what is in the best interest of the child.  This decision is final.  A copy of this decision and the steps taken to investigate and respond to it are made available to the accrediting entity or the Secretary upon request.

No action will be taken against the client should a complaint be made or a grievance being expressed to the accrediting entity in writing or in interviews with any governing authority over the agency.

A summary assessment of all complaints will be provided to the accrediting entity on a semi-annual basis along with systematic changes that have been made by the agency.

Small World, Inc. is licensed by the following entities to provide adoption services and each have a complaint registry that can be contacted should a client feel necessary to make a formal complaint to any of these entities:

  • Tennessee Department of Children’s Services Licensing
  • Missouri Department of Social Services (573) 751-4815
  • Georgia Department of Social and Health Services (404) 657-3550
  • Intercountry Adoption Accreditation and Maintenance Entity (Accrediting Entity) for Hague Convention Report a Concern
  • United States Department of State (Central Authority) for Hague Convention Complaint Registry