Reward Programs


Repeat Adoption Clients receive our “Welcome Back Reward”!

Welcome Back Rewards – If you have adopted through Small World previously, your additional adoption journey will be met with a welcome back in terms of a “Financial Reward”.

  • Waiver of application fees. Law requires an updated application but Small World automatically waives the application fee for you. Just inform us you are a returning family.

NOTE: A discount may not be used in addition to another promotion or financial reduction award.

Siblings and multiple unrelated children adoptions

In all sibling and multiple child simultaneous adoptions Small World reduces the agency fee by 50% for the second and subsequent children adopted simultaneously.

Small World attempts to get reductions of the foreign program fee portion of the fees in such cases, but not all foreign programs are in agreement with reductions therefore the amounts stated in the fees section under each country listed in our published fees and costs in the Agreement for Adoption Services contract is the default.

Adoption Grants

Many foundations partner with Small World to provide grants to our adopting families to help with the cost of their adoption.  Contracted families are given complete information for applying to granting organizations and supplied with recommendations from Small World.