God’s Plan


When we married in 2010, we knew we wanted a family.  Adoption was discussed at that time. We were thinking maybe have a biological child first and then adopt.  We were in our mid 30’s when we married so we thought we had better get started in a couple of years.  After trying to start a family, with no success, we decided that maybe we would give adoption a try.  Our hearts were still open to adoption. We prayed for God to direct us to the right path.

We started with an agency that only provided Domestic adoption services.  They provided us with a lot of education and information about adoption.  We did a lot of research.  We rushed to get our home study completed and met all the requirements and then we waited.  After 2 years of waiting and failed or almost adoptions, we got a little discouraged.  We prayed and prayed about it. We decided to try IVF and we did one round, but it failed.  After the first round we discontinued treatments.

In February 2016, we decided to pursue international adoption.  The agency we were using did not have their Hague certification, so we decided to use Small World Adoption Agency.  We chose China for our country to adopt from and started our journey.  We went to China in December 2016 to pick up our sweet girl, Adaly.  We were a little shocked that it took such a short time to get her.  We thank God for her every day. She has taught us a lot.

Our journey only just begun when we got her. She was on the Special needs list and we have worked with her a lot alongside with her teachers and therapists and many others that have teamed up with us to help her.  She has made great strides in the 5 years she has been with us.  We thank God that he has used us to help her.  We continue on our journey with her as our daughter.  She keeps us on our toes and has given us lots of love in return.  We waited to become parents for a long, long time.  God knew who our child would be, and the timing was perfect because it was His timing.  All those years we were waiting he was preparing us for her and her for us.  His plan was and is Perfect! But wait, there is more….

We adopted a second child through Small World Adoption Agency.  We had thought we were done having children after we adopted Adaly.  We still had a desire to have more but weren’t sure it was God’s plan.  We did try to adopt a child privately in 2018, but because of many obstacles we walked away from that adoption.  So, we stopped pursuing growth in our family and decided we were satisfied with just our sweet girl.

In Fall of 2019, we still had our home study and were informed of a Birth mother that was expecting soon.  We created our profile and said this was the last time.  We received the phone call a few days later and were notified that the birthmother chose us to be her baby’s parents.  The shock and joy that we experienced was overwhelming.  Her adoption was finalized in November 2020.  She has been a sweet addition to our family.  We cherish our time with her every day.

We have grown in bounds Spiritually.  We cannot name all the little details in both of our adoptions that God has ironed out and made happen.  It has been amazing how He has worked in us to bring our family together.  He continues to bless us. We are very thankful for Small World and all they have done for us.  They are a part of our little family too.