Justin and Kaitlin

  • Adoption Type: Closed, Semi-open, and Open
  • Race: Caucsian
  • Are you open to twins? No
  • Are you open to sibling groups? No

  • Dear Expectant Mother…

    First, we want you to know that we recognize how strong and selfless you are to make such a courageous decision for your child. I imagine this is not an easy process for you, but my husband and I want you to know that we admire your immense bravery and we have been praying for you since the moment we knew we wanted to adopt and will continue to pray that God guides you through this process to make the best decision.

    My name is Kaitlin (29) and my husband, Justin (32) and I both grew up in loving, close-knit, Christian homes. Justin has an older brother who has two children and I have a younger sister who had her first child in 2023. We have two dogs and about 40 cows as we live on a farm in Tennessee. It all started when my husband was a kid, working on the farm with his grandfather, learning to drive a tractor, how to bail hay, and going to cattle auctions. Justin loves being an engineer full time, but he really loves being on the farm!

    When Justin and I met, our love for Jesus brought us close and we got married in 2020. Justin somehow convinced this city girl to move to the country, however it didn’t take long for me to realize how special life on the farm really is! We decided to build our dream home on the farm in 2022 and being an interior designer, it was an absolute joy to build and think about all the memories we would make in this home with our future family. Things like playing ball in the backyard, baking cookies for Santa at Christmas, birthday parties, and more flooded my mind as I visualized our home during construction. Now that the home is complete, some of my favorite things about our home aren’t even about the home itself. It’s the quiet mornings, cows grazing around the house and those beautiful Tennessee sunsets!

    Justin and I have always wanted to be parents. We had plans to have children biologically, hopes and dreams of what our family would look like, however God’s plans look different for our family. After two years of infertility, negative tests, unsuccessful fertility treatments, many prayers and trusting in the Lord’s timing, we are overjoyed to start this next journey. During our struggle with infertility, we also celebrated with my sister and her husband as they got pregnant and had a baby of their own. There was a period of grief, sadness and loss that intertwined with happiness, excitement, and joy. It was a roller coaster of emotions, and we realized that life is like a hot fudge sundae. Life can be like the hot fudge and exciting, but at the same time it can be cold ice cream with heartache. We truly understand what it feels like to go through hard situations with mixed emotions and we pray that you feel the same overwhelming amount of peace that the Lord gave us as you consider us when making this decision.

    We have an incredible community of family, church family, and friends that have loved and supported us during our journey and are equally as excited as we are to love this child. Justin and I are very close with each of our families and love getting together for family dinners and games nights! Our parents instilled in us so many things that we hope to pass on to our future son or daughter: faith, love, honesty, teamwork, patience, kindness, generosity, and compassion.

    We plan to let our adoptive baby know their story; how they grew in their mother’s belly but also grew in our hearts. They will know how brave you are and how blessed we are that you chose us to love and take care of them. We have and will continue to pray for you, this baby, for health, peace, and love. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for considering us.

    With love,

    Kaitlin and Justin