Kevin and Rachel

  • Adoption Type: Closed, Semi-open, and Open
  • Race: Any
  • Gender: Either
  • Are you open to twins? Yes
  • Are open to sibling groups? Yes

  • Dear Expectant Mother…

    Hello! I hope this letter finds you well and warms your heart. My name is Rachel, and my husband is Kevin. We’ve been praying for you since we made the decision to adopt! Know that we think the world of you and the decision you are making towards adoption!

    I grew up in a rural town on a “mini farm” with donkeys, horses, and 4-H cattle. I loved every bit of my childhood and wouldn’t trade it for the world. I grew up in a loving Christian home with two amazing parents and an older brother. My dad was in the military and had my heart. I was his mini me and wanted to do anything he did. My mom is the definition of warmth and love! Even to this day she squeezes my cheeks and gives me kisses. I don’t take for granted the home I grew up in and the life my parents were able to create for me. I wish to do the same for my kids too!

    Kevin also grew up in a rural area but with many, many siblings! He is the oldest of 8 and is adored by his siblings. He also grew up in a Christian home and was blessed with loving parents and grandparents in his life! Kevin’s family always did (and still does) life together. He has lots of aunts, uncles, cousins and don’t forget the family pets!

    Kevin and I met in 2010 while attending college. We were involved in the same campus ministry and served together on many occasions with one being a mission trip! We secretly were attracted to each other but wouldn’t discover this until the time was right! In 2014 we began dating and were married two years later. We enjoy hiking and kayaking in the summers! You can find us lounging on the couch for a movie night friends! We love hosting friends and family and creating memories in our home. Kevin and I share a love that is truly a gift from God. Early on while dating we discussed our dreams of someday having a family and kiddos. We also talked about adoption and how God had placed it on hearts while we were young. We always knew adoption would be in our life, but we really didn’t know what it would look like!

    In the spring of 2021 after months of praying and asking God how our family would start, he reminded us of his plan for us to adopt! Through dreams he revealed to both of us that our family would begin through adoption and the time was now! After we both shared with each other what God has told us separately we cried happy tears and got to work!

    We have been so blessed by our community of friends and family. They truly are in this journey with us and have prayed daily, given financially, thrown baby showers, and whatever else has been needed for us to adopt! God has been so faithful this far and we know that he will continue to be faithful in bringing us a baby. We will remind them often of their mother who made the greatest sacrifice for them and how amazing she is, that her decision should be honored and remind them how much she loves them.

    Your willingness and bravery to choose adoption shows just how much love you have for your baby. We are praying for you and that you will have peace with the decisions you make. Know that you are known, loved, and valued by the savior of the world!

    With love,