Unexpected Blessings

The Plan – Sometimes God has greater blessings in store than we asked for or imagined.  Case in point. Recently, our Liberia director asked if we could raise the money to bring running water into the Small World Home in Monrovia Liberia.  We accepted the challenge and asked some church members of one of our partner churches, to donate $900 to provide running water into the home.  Within a couple of weeks, the money was raised.  Of course, $900 was just enough to run the water pipes inside the house and install a couple of water faucets, but it would supply water inside the house.    We began the project of the greater challenge, which was to run water line from over one mile away connecting to city water.  Success!  We laid pipe over a mile from where our staff had been walking to bring full water pots to the home.  We went about taking pictures to show the water gushing out of the faucet in the kitchen.   We were happy to see water, but surprised that the water pressure was poor and we saw only a small stream of water.  Ok, it is a heck of lot better than balancing a full pot of water on your head for over a mile.  It just takes a few minutes to draw a sink full of water.

The unexpected blessing –    The director of Small World Liberia, “Albert”, called us this week and shared the answer to the mystery of low water pressure.  After we ran over a mile of water line to our transition home, Albert discovered the rejoicing of all the community, family houses, village huts, and literally all of our neighbors, up to a mile away, now have water at or near their homes and no longer must walk to the main line, over a mile away, for water.  They just tapped into our line and have free clean water.  PRAISE GOD!!  We didn’t even think of the big picture God had in mind.  God wanted clean water for the whole community.   Thank God for “Unexpected Blessings”!!  Small World is now loved in the community too.