Waiting Children

China’s Waiting Children

Welcome to Small World’s waiting children program. At Small World, we are committed to making these children orphans no more by partnering with Christian prospective adoptive parents and giving them a forever family. Our waiting children program provides an opportunity for a special group of children that would otherwise not be considered for adoption. We are grateful to families who are willing to open their hearts and lives to adopting one of these wonderful children!

Password Protection

In order to view profiles of children available for adoption through the China Waiting Children Program, you will need the password provided through the form below. Also, please be aware, that by filling out the form below, you may be added to Small World’s email list.

If you have already filled out the form in the past and have the password click the button below.

Information Form

If you do not have the password, please fill out the form below.

If you agree to the confidentiality statement, you will receive a link and a password to view the children.

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Confidentiality Statement

It is purely out of concern for the future well-being of orphaned children and the consideration that I have an interest in becoming a parent to an orphaned child that I desire to view the profiles of waiting children available for adoption. I recognize and acknowledge the necessity of keeping said children’s photos, videos, and personal information confidential. I pledge that I will not publicly “share” any child’s photograph, video or personal information with anyone or at any time engage in similar activity.

I will not speak negatively about these children or post any negative comments on blogs, websites, or other media outlets that would be seen as derogatory in any way. In the event that I breach any of these terms, I understand that Small World may, in its discretion, discontinue its relationship with me resulting in my adoption process being stopped. I also understand that any fees paid to Small World up to that point will not be refundable. Small World, in its discretion, may also file a court suit against me for breach of this confidentiality statement.

After submitting this confidentiality agreement, you will be directed to a webpage with information on each waiting child currently available for adoption through Small World (including the Shared List) along with video links for them (when available).

Submitting this statement of confidentiality does not indicate that your family meets all of the eligibility requirements to adopt from China.


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