An amazing relationship

I thank God for the 12 plus year relationship with our Small World China Representative Lily Qiu and her dear friend and business right arm Rebecca Cai.  Recently my wife and I visited with them in Guangzhou while we were touring around China meeting with some of our American Caseworkers and adoptive families living in China plus seeing the astounding sites of this ancient and beautiful land.

I was having breakfast in Beijing with a brother in Christ and man I admire, Wales Goebel.  Wales is the founder of Wales Goebel Ministries in Alabama.  We had met originally when I was a staff Pastor at Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virginia with Jerry Falwell when I was initiating the Save-A-Baby program (an alternative to abortion ministry with maternity home and adoption agency) at Thomas Road.  Wales was a great leader of the prolife movement and providing alternatives to abortion in Alabama through Save-A-Life  Ministry (a subsidiary of his Wales Goebel Ministries) at the time.  That morning in China was the second time Wales was  used by God to bless me when he introduced me to Lily Qiu and highly recommended I hire her to represent Small World in China.  What a great day.  Thank you Wales. You are a selfless and true minster of God.

Lily has been a great partner in ministry and continues to do the work of her heart by rescuing the orphan children of her homeland and helping them find a loving Christian family in America.