Uganda News


Over the past several months the Ugandan government has been going through elections.  There has also been a lot of rumors and talk about foreigners getting guardianship and adopting Ugandan orphans.  The US State Department did recently send a team over to Uganda to work with them on adoption.  Much of this is in response to a movement by some in Uganda to change the law to require foreigners to live in Uganda with the child for a significant period of time before they can be granted guardianship of a child.  Many have been saying that, if this proposed law were to come to their Parliament for a vote, they believe it would be quite some time before that were to happen.  It seems that most felt that it would not happen close to the elections.  It’s our understanding that the US State Department spoke with Ugandan officials Monday of last week and were told that the law may be brought up as early as April.  They and us were all surprised with the news that it actually came up at the Ugandan Parliament on Wednesday last week, just 2 days after the State Department spoke with them.  Unfortunately, it was voted on and passed.  We are all sifting through rumors and trying to collect as much information as we can at this time.

Here is what we know.  A law that is supposed to require foreigners to live in Uganda with the child for a significant period of time before being granted guardianship by the court has passed Uganda Parliament.  This law is not in effect yet, as there is a process it must go through, including being signed by the President of Uganda, before it is in effect.  It is also our understanding that the US Ambassador to Uganda has requested to meet with Ugandan officials this week to assess the situation.

Please be in prayer for all those children, that a path is cleared for them to be united with their forever families and for all those adoptive families who are in process with Uganda, that they may have peace and clarity.  May God build a hedge of protection over each and every one of these precious children and adoptive families.