Small World’s “Face To Face” Journey

Small World’s “Face To Face” journey has garnered a lot of attention to say the least.  Families are excited to be a part of this effort to bring families to orphans in our partner orphanages in China that might not be adopted without this compassionate program.  Small World approved families only,  may go with Small World staff to the orphanages and meeting the children face to face.  Face to face visits with the children removes the mystery and doubts associated with accepting a referral of an orphaned child.  Never before has it been so easy to go right into the institution where adoptable children wait for  parents.  

Things change when you hold a child and look into those eyes.  I’ve always been stricken by the story in scripture of “The Good Samaritan”.  The victim was beaten near to death and lay in anguish on the side of  the road that extends from Jerusalem down to Jericho.  Several people passed him by and offered him no help, including the priest.  One Samaritan traveling the road saw the wounded man.  His reaction was different.  He went to where the man was and we are told when he looked upon him and  saw his condition He was moved with compassion and gave him aid. 

He bound up his wounds and took him to an inn.  He arranged with the proprietor of the inn, at the Samaritan’s own expense, to care for the injured  man.  He gave him money to pay for the man’s care and promised to pay the innkeeper any additional costs he might incur when he came back that way after his trip to Jericho.

There are many similarities between the story of the Good Samaritan and Small World’s’ Face  to Face Program.

  1. The victim could not help himself.
  2. The victim was encouraged when the traveler came to him.
  3. The traveler was moved with compassion after he saw the man’s need in a face to face encounter.
  4. The traveler provided real love and help for the victim.

I have been doing adoptions for 35 years.  I couldn’t tell you how many people have come back from mission trips having been moved with compassion and asked us to help them adopt a child, they fell in love with at an orphanage.  Most of those were impossible, because the children were not available under the law to be adopted or the family wishing to adopt them was not approved for inter-country adoption.

With the “Face To Face” Program, there is the opportunity to connect with your future son or daughter in person.  These waiting children are adoptable.  Approved Small World families can meet adoptable children and confirm their hopes.  If you pursue the adoption of the child you connect with during the journey you can actually begin the process to be formally matched with them by the CCCWA.   We hope you will return from your Face To Face Journey excited about beginning the adoption of your child and telling everyone you know about the other children you saw who need parents now.

If you do decide to pursue adoption of that special child you met on your trip, you can expect a joyous reunion about 10 months later when you return to pick up your legally adopted child and bring them home.

For those of you interested in adopting from China and think going on a “Face To Face” Journey might help you commit to the right child apply for adoption at and begin the process today.

Praise God