And we said yes!

We had been in the Small World Lesotho program for over five years when we received an email from our caseworker asking if we would ever consider adopting an  8-year-old child. Honestly, that was something we had never even considered. We had been approved for a  child from 0-4 years old and had mentally been preparing for this. Before immediately responding with a polite “No thank you”, we wanted to sit down and talk it through. While doing that we came to the conclusion that we would only be saying “No” out of the fear of the unknown (and all the myths surrounding adopting an older child). We couldn’t get past that this was not really a valid response for us. So, we said “Yes.”

Fast forward nine months and we have travelled to Lesotho and back and have had our precious, now 9-year-old daughter, with us for around two months. We wouldn’t be telling the truth if we said that it has all been sunshine and roses. It has been hard. But, we are having more “better” days than not now, and we always come back to knowing and trusting that the Lord is with us and working in us and because of this we do not need to lose heart. She is a precious child whom we continue to learn more about and whom we love deeply. She is a joy in our family.

Looking back, we would have never imagined our little family the way it looks today, but it is perfect. And, it is perfect because someone asked us “Would you guys ever consider an 8-year-old?” And we said yes!