Small World, prepairing the Church for “Pregnancy Crisis Ministry”

Small World Ministries has been a prolife influence in the church throughout the USA since 1985.  Headquartered in Mt. Juliet, TN Small World is dedicated to trainning and preparing the church for ministering to unwed mothers and vulnerable children.

Partnering with churches who feel called to prolife ministries, Small World will help prepare church members to serve;

  1. Big Sister Ministry – Adult ladies in the church mentoring unwed mothers during their pregnancy and after the birth of their baby.
  2. Modeling the Christian woman’s role for young women with an unplanned pregnancy and those with a high risk of becoming  pregnant outside of marriage.
  3. Volunteer Prolife  Counselors – sharing viable alternatives to abortion with women with unplanned pregnancies.

We will train your volunteers and assist your church with professional advice in establishing the prolife ministry under your pastoral leadership.  Your church doesn’t have to be a mega size church to save the lives of the unborn and redirect the lives of young people tempted to take the easy fix of abortion and deal with the guilt of killing the only innocent person in the scenario later.

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