God’s Faithfulness

Our adoption journey began in December of 2017. When we began, we never expected things would unfold as they did. As we look back we are reminded that God is faithful through all things, through all the ups, and downs.

Our daughter was born in the middle of the process with a tumor adjacent to her left eye. We attempted to make a move overseas but we were unable, because of health issues. Then to top it off, the COVID pandemic hit. Our process was slowed dramatically by things out of our control. There were days where we were wondering if the process would ever come to a completion.

Then, by God’s grace we were given a short window that we could travel. We got word on Monday February 15th that the US Consulate was coming stateside March 12th. Small World helped us secure court date for February 24th. We booked airfare on February 17th, drove to Atlanta for a same day visa appointment on February 18th, and flew out on February 21st. We left in faith praying that God would grant us favor and allow us to get home with our son before the short window of time we had closed.

The Small World team in Liberia was incredible. They walked with us step by step to accomplish each and every task required for completing the adoption. Because of COVID delays we had to fill out some paperwork stateside that caused significant delays once on the ground. We were communicating with the National Visa Center, with the United States Customs, and Immigration Service in Kansas City, and with the US Embassy in Liberia. We had everything completed and approved on March 7th. However, because of some complications with the three communicating to one another we did not receive a visa for our son at that point, and were told it could be 6-8 weeks before the process could be completed. Shortly after we were given that news my grandfather passed away back here in the states. My wife and I made the decision for her to fly home to be with our 5 year old and 2 year old. As soon as she left, I got extremely sick. We were at a point of despair. We had a hard time even voicing prayers. I developed a playlist titled “Truth for Suffering” that allowed me to voice prayers in the midst of despair. Even in the anger, even in the disappointment, even in the heartache, even with the tears, we were confident in God’s providential timing.

Finally, after 5 weeks in country I got the call that our son’s visa was ready. We got our COVID test, bought our plane tickets, and flew home.

One of the blessings in being in country longer is that we got to spend so much one on one time with our son. It was a great time of bonding and experiencing the country of Liberia. It was just made difficult with the unknown of when we would be able to make the journey home.

The sweetest moments after arriving home have been seeing our now three kids love and care for one another as though they have been together their entire lives. We are thankful for the picture of the Gospel that adoption paints, and are grateful for every step we endure along the way.