“Life is hard. God is good. Glory is coming.”

“I asked this beautiful, humble mother to share a small snippet of their miraculous story.  She has a tremendous amount of faith and a wonderful ability to understand and utilize the importance of early intervention and the power of attachment and touch.  From a wonderful Small World adoptive family that has served sacrificially in Asia for many years-saving the lives of at-risk infants and children.” – Kerri Tracy Director of Post Placement Services


Another little baby bundle… this one came wrapped in a blue towel with lettering on the edge, “may I help you?”  The NICU doctor at the big city hospital confirmed what the orphanage had guessed: little Jun didn’t have long to live.  After seeing him alone in the incubator, having seizure after seizure, I pleaded with the doctor, “Can I take him home?  I want to hold that baby and pray for him.”  The doctor wasn’t so sure, “We can’t do anything for him, he is probably going to die.  How will you feed him?  He has no sucking reflex.”  “I can place a nasogastric (ng) tube if I need to,” I replied with a lot more confidence than I felt.

The doctor granted permission for little Jun’s release and then had a request for me.  “I see you are a good person.  Is there any way you can help with this other baby girl?  She was abandoned a month ago and needs surgery.”  Even before he was a week old, God used Little Jun’s life to bring about the rescue of another precious life.

Back at home our big family took turns holding our sweet bundle.  His seizures became less frequent. By day two, he pulled out his own nose feeding tube, so we cried out to God to give him the ability to drink from a bottle. The Lord graciously heard our cry and little Jun began bottle feeding, slowly but surely.

That was 13 years ago, and little Jun is now adopted as a beloved son and brother.  Over the years his body responded negatively to any medication.  So, all we had to offer him was cuddles and prayer.  We move his arms and legs daily and puree his food.  Though his physical limitations are many, he is full of joy when he hears family member’s voices.  Several of his older siblings are grown and out of the home now.  When they come for a visit or call on the phone, little Jun gives them a warm greeting-squealing and smiling.

We never know what God is going to do.  We have held babies as they died in our arms.  We have seen babies healed.  As John Piper says, “Life is hard. God is good. Glory is coming.”   In the meantime, it is very rewarding to receive one of these little ones in our arms and trust God with the outcome.

“In Him we live and move and have our being.” Acts 17:28