The “Heartbeat Bill” passes in Tennessee

TN Representative Susan Lynn reported today that TN is now one of the most prolife states in America.

Tennessee Republicans pass historic pro-life legislation
New law bans abortion when fetal heartbeat detected

Tennessee Republican lawmakers passed historic, groundbreaking pro-life legislation that protects life by banning abortion procedures when a fetal heartbeat is detected after six weeks. Known as the “Heartbeat Bill,” the measure was part of Gov. Bill Lee’s legislative agenda and is among the most comprehensive, pro-life legislation in the country.

State Representative Susan Lynn carried House Bill 2263/Senate Bill 2196 through the House.  The bill passed by a 68-17 vote on June 18. The legislation includes a ladder provision that enacts bans at various other gestation intervals up to 24 weeks. These provisions would take effect if the courts struck down the six-week ban or any other component of this measure.

The new law requires women seeking abortions to be informed of fetal development through ultrasound images. It bans abortion when a doctor knows a woman is seeking the procedure because of a child’s race, sex or a diagnosis of Down syndrome.

An amendment added to the bill in the Senate chamber mirrors legislation sponsored by House Republican Caucus Chairman Jeremy Faison, R-Cosby, which previously passed in the House chamber.  Faison was sponsoring the bill for Tennessee Right to Life.  The amendment requires facilities where more than 50 abortions are performed in a year to post a sign letting women know they have the option to reverse a chemical abortion. Failing to make women aware of this option could result in a $10,000 fine.

Lynn stated, “Adding the Tennessee Right to Life language to the bill has strengthened the bill.  I am immensely proud that we were able to get both bills passed.” “I also want to thank Rep. Micah Van Huss for his efforts.  He sponsored a Heartbeat bill last year that failed.  His help with this improved version was invaluable.”  added Lynn.

Tennessee is a strong pro-life state. This historic measure demonstrates Tennessee Republican’s unwavering commitment to fight for the unborn.

House Bill 2263/Senate Bill 2196 head to the governor’s desk for approval.

All the above information was provided by Susan Lynn, TN State Representative of the 57th District.  Small World is thankful to Susan and all those in the Tennessee Legislature who spoke up for the unborn with this Bill.