Orphans Christmas Campaign 2018


The generosity of Small World donors continues to change the lives of children in need around the world in profound ways, and because of your Christmas giving to Small World we will have the ability to take the love of God to greater numbers of orphans this Christmas and into our ministry plans for 2019.

Please consider making a Christmas donation and becoming a Small World Secret Santa supporting our  2018 Orphans Christmas Campaign.  100% of your donation will go to Small World’s Orphan Fund.  Small World is a 501 c 3 organization as designated by the IRS.  All donations to Small World are tax deductible.

Money is very important and needed but it is not enough.  We need your prayers for the success of our plans to minister to little ones in the name of Christ.

We covet your prayers for the upcoming Small World ministry events listed below.

Christmas gifts for orphans, Medical Mission trip to Liberia (February 2019), “Trust Based Relational Intervention” training Mission to caregivers in Liberia (February 2019), Running Water for Small World Home in Liberia (current), Indoor Plumbing in the Small World Home in Liberia (current), New furniture in the Small World Home in Liberia (current), Cool Kids Mission (air conditioning for the Small World Home in Liberia (current), Running water in the Small World Home in Liberia, Opening a newly emerging adoption program in Sierra Leone (current), Newly emerging adoption program in Bogota Columbia (current), and Reverse Mission Trip Ukraine (hosting orphans in the USA 2019).     


Some Suggested gift amount this Christmas 

$75 sponsors one child’s Christmas Gifts, $10 feeds a child for one day, $300 one month of meals  for one child, $500 One piece of playground equipment for the Small World Home in Liberia, $1,000 Air Conditioning in the Small World Home in the sweltering heat of Liberia, $1,000 Bathroom for Small World Home Liberia (current), $1,000 Running water in the Small World Home,$2,000 sponsors one Ukrainian child to be hosted in the USA in 2019, $1,000 to help fund emerging programs in Sierra Leone and Columbia.

God has led us to plan mission trips in 2019.

In February 2019 , Small World’s leader of our medical missions, Dr Paul Heil of Nashville TN  will be leading a medical team to examine all the children and prescribe any needed medical interventions.  The children at Small World Home will be the beneficiaries of  professional evaluations and recommendations made to improve their overall health and well being during this professional Mission Trip.  It is critical that we have well trained, informed staff to provide the best possible care to the children in our transition home.  To that end, the lead therapist at Small World, Kerri Tracy LCSW, Director of Post Placement Services and a Trauma and Attachment Specialist will travel to Liberia to train our staff to have a deeper understanding of the complex needs of the children and how to help them overcome trauma induced issues.  Kerri will provide training in Trust-Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) which is an attachment-based, trauma-informed intervention that is designed to meet the child’s unique needs and address the whole child. The training is based on the book “The Connected Child,” by Dr. Karyn B. Purvis and David R. Cross. Adoptive families here in America receive similar training as preparation for their adoption, so this will create continuity and make the move from the transition home to adoptive family much smoother. Upon hearing our plans Small World has been joined by the Ministry of Gender in the Liberian Government to bring a greater level of training to caregivers throughout Liberia.  The government is sending their social workers to be trained by Kerri in TBRI techniques.  We have extended invitations to caregivers in all the orphanages and we are receiving multiple students for training.  The US Embassy recently got wind of our project and and has joined our efforts and will be sending the US Consular to participate in our training seminar.  It is a God Thing!  Please continue to pray for it’s success.

During the summer of 2019 we are inviting volunteers to join us on a mission to Liberia to conduct needed maintenance on our transition home  such as painting, small plumbing and decor projects and installing playground equipment in the back yard.  Our kids deserve a fun, safe environment where they can thrive while they’re in our care and waiting for their new parents to come and get them. Those who attend will also have the opportunity to interact with the children, get to know them and love on them. This will be a huge blessing to the children and for the short term missionaries who volunteer to go.  Pray about joining us.

Church Partners –  Small World is seeking to partner with churches and individuals to get the word out about the “Layman’s Mission Trip 2019 to Liberia.  Please help us spread the word.

There are several ways to be involved with Small World on this mission trip. If you feel you have the skill set necessary to provide maintenance to the building, then travelling with the group would be an excellent way to participate. You can contact your church if they are working with Small World or contact Jimbo Savley directly at jimbo@smallworldadoption.com.  If you can’t travel but have a heart for orphans,  your prayers and tax exempt financial contributions to Small World are needed. You can donate at www.smallworldadoption.com/donate-today or by contacting the Small World business office. You can also help create awareness about our outreach to orphans in Liberia and around the world by sharing with others a link to this blog.

Small World thanks God for the opportunity to be a part of making these orphans into sons and daughters.