Orphan Sunday 2018

All across America, Christians are committing to “Take A Stand” for orphans this November 11, 2018.
The second Sunday of each November, Orphan Sunday focuses on the plight and solution for orphaned children around the world. November being National Adoption month in the USA highlights the greatest hope for orphans to be transformed into sons and daughters. Small World has at its heart Christian adoption. We seek to place orphans into Christian families via permanent adoption, and we have completed over 2,000 such adoptions since our inception in 1985.

This year on November 11, Orphan Sunday, we are highlighting our transition homes in Monrovia, Liberia and the beautiful children who reside there now. These sweet children, many of whom were orphaned when their parents died of Ebola in the outbreak a couple of years ago, are under Small World’s care 24/7. When Small World Liberia accepts custody of a child, the government removes that little one from the orphanage and delivers them to a Small World transition home. There they receive more individualized care and medical attention than is possible in an orphanage. After their legal documents are all issued by the government of Liberia, we are free to match them for adoption with a Christian family on our approved list. However, that process takes some time, and during that time we need you to “Take A Stand” with us to give these precious orphans that opportunity to become a son or daughter once again. Each child stays in the Small World home approximately 6 months before their “Gotcha Day” when their new adoptive parents arrive to take them home to America.

We are asking church members to make an “Orphan Care” financial donation to Small World specifically for our ministry to these sweet children in the African country of Liberia.  A donation to Small World for our kids in Liberia is tax deductible and will truly make a world of difference for them immediately and continually. A donation of $400 per month or $2,400 for the typical 6-month period the child is in the Small World home will sustain them and exemplify your stand for orphans. With your help in partnership with us, Small World is taking a stand for orphans in response to James 1:27 by changing orphans into sons and daughters. This is a full life turnaround for a child that otherwise would likely have a miserable future.

Put your faith into action. Take a stand for orphans November 11, 2018. Lead your church to “Take A Stand,” by observing Orphan Sunday. Open your heart, and make a generous donation to Small World Ministries, so we can continue our lifesaving work with orphans in the USA and overseas. 100% of your donation will be applied to Small World’s Orphan Fund.  You can donate at www.smallworldadoption.com/donate-today.